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Survive and Thrive, a message from the CEO

Wuman Textile


This article is an extracted summary from the CEO's open letter and remarks at WM 2021 annual meeting on January 21, 2022

The Covid-19 outbreak has lasted for an astonishing two years, making a profound impact on the global textile trading environment and our daily lives. Everybody went through another roller-coaster year with an accumulative feeling of anxiety. There were those bigger companies that worry about getting overturned in a post-pandemic era, while we as smaller companies fear not being able to seize new opportunities. Darwinism dominates in an ever-changing business environment now more than anytime as I have gone through.


The age of 40 years of high-speed economic growth is now behind us. We do not vision any easy opportunities ahead of us. The simplest business mindset can only be boiled down to continuing to offer quality products and services. There's never a limit to what we can tackle as problems and a cap to what are able to deliver as quality. Luckily the toughest business landscape did not let us compromise to what we believed in as company values.


As I write this letter to look back upon 2021, I am very proud to congratulate ourselves on reaching our annual goal in terms of many, many aspects. As I quote from Tuobuhua, a famous woman CEO in China: keeping winning is the best team building. Yes, we ARE winning this year despite the environment, be it the worsening-off situation of the pandemic, the energy cap we've encountered many a time, or the constant changes that took place on our suppliers.


Just to name a few of these winning elements:

  • We managed to keep the vast majority of our staff members as we did in 2020.

  • Sales kept ahead by our renewing with our key clients abroad and large-scale bookings remain strong.

  • Apple went to open our New York office and showroom, the first bookings are on the way.

  • Our domestic sales grew thanks to the faster delivery and flexible communications of the domestic team.

  • We work from strength to strength with digital marketing experts and fashion designers, creating quality content and debuting on many a social media channel.

  • Our supply chain department lowered the wastage rate by another 6%.

  • Our finance ERP system is updated with more accuracy and simpler workflows.


All of these, of course, wouldn't undermine the personal growth of every staff member that I witnessed throughout the year on many occasions, they reflect the values of the countless hours of training, conferences we hosted and identified us as a true learning-oriented organization. As co-founders, Apple and I extend our thanks to every one of you for your positiveness and energy poured into your everyday work and your team unit.


In 2022, the world around us may continue to reshuffle. We at Wuman look to keep evolving in a way that will make us a 'long-term survivor'. The keys to survival and thriving as I see here are:

  • To keep promoting efficiency

  • To optimize business lines

  • To innovate further for tomorrow's opportunities


Once again thanks for striving with us for another year! Enjoy the Sanya resort and wish everyone a pleasant holiday for the Chinese new year!


Yours sincerely,

Sandra Zheng

CEO of Wuman Textile


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