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5 actions Wuman Textile is taking
to your benefit in 2022

Wuman Textile


The McKinsey report, named ‘Revamping fashion sourcing: Speed and flexibility to the fore’ states that a shift toward a more sustainable, flexible, fast, digitally enhanced and consumer-centric sourcing model is essential when facing supply chain disruptions, volatility, logistic jams, and many more. Obstacles to sourcing appear as a form of shipping disruptions, uneven demand spikes, the global COVID crisis which will continue to affect business, as well as a slowed flow and limited supply of raw materials from China, therefore higher prices. How is Wuman Textile, as an upstream supplier with HQ in China, addressing this issue? Below are some of our thoughts:

1 – Be quick.

We are actively improving delivery speed by planning products in stock ahead, in order to satisfy the customer’s need of acquiring the fabric needed for the following season, as well as to reacte to in-season demands.

2 - Work collaboratively.

While maintaining and increasing the number of current partners from textile companies, we are strengthening cooperation with the upstream fabric wholesalers and factories, in order to be able to complement each other in supply, to better serve our clients and end-users.


3 – Apply virtual sampling.

We are actively working to improve customer interaction online, by planning to set up virtual exhibitions, to increase the efficiency of the online sample selection. This has already proved as successful, for when in the past, WM has sent samples, the customers only generally chose a small percentage of all the samples. We hope to increase the percentage of virtual sampling year on year.

4 – Add online-meeting efficiency.

We have a currently ongoing process of digitalization, which offers us to meet possible clients virtually as many times as the client needs. We are also taking the new, customer-oriented approach, by presenting real-time product history stats and trends during the virtual meeting.

5 – Plan assortment per big data.

We are developing our own database, which will help with the efficiency as well as the speed, and to be able to make assortment planning based on the generated data to take one step closer to our clients' preferences. Conclusion: Wuman Textile is excited to adapt to the changes and is ready to anticipate the future changes in demand by optimizing the production line, forging partnerships, and making sure that the clients know that Wuman Textile will deliver as it always did.

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