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2025SS Hollow Embroidery Series

Wuman Textile

March 29, 2024



The application of embroidery technology in patterns is particularly important, and patterns based on plant and flower elements are presented in a variety of ways. The complex and delicate patterns are embroidered with a variety of stitches, giving a feeling of exquisite heavy industry; the simple style is presented with line embroidery, focusing on the expression of graphic lines. At the same time, the three-dimensional presentation can also add vitality to the pattern; the natural hand-embroidery feel is also an important way to present floral patterns; the combination of multiple techniques to present plant and flower elements is also a key technique application.


It comes with a classical and fashionable look, the three-dimensional hollow feeling and the appearance of blooming flowers are stretched and elegant, the partial hollow embroidery design is very unique, and the clean edge processing gives the clothing a rich sense of layering, breaking the original dull atmosphere of the fabric. The geometric hollow design is simple and full of craftsmanship.


◆ Fabric Recommendations

01 - 2.jpg

01 - Garden Green

01 - 0.png

Art No: 2206EB175

Comp: 100%C

Spec: 130CM

01 - 2.jpg

Pea-green brings energy while also taking into account the retro and modern style.
Bright, clean and fresh green,
Paired with hollow embroidered fabric, it looks retro and healing.
It heals the soul and relieves the stressful life.

01 - 3.jpg
01 - 4.jpg

02 - High Risk Red

02 - 0.png
02 - 2.jpg

Art No: 2206EB162

Comp: 100%C

Spec: 130CM

02 - 2.jpg

High Risk Red is a classic and orthodox red that is more vibrant.
The dramatic senses attract the attention of young consumers.
Designers have begun to apply it to clothing and accessory products.

02 - 3.jpg
02 - 4.jpg

03 - Whisper White

03 - 0.png
03 - 02.jpg

Art No: 2401EB366X

Comp: 100%C

Spec: 132CM

03 - 02.jpg

Whisper White is a smooth and delicate off-white shade that embodies
stable and comfortable skin-friendly material as base color
Whisper white hollow embroidery gives you a retro and fashionable feel.

03 - 04.jpg
03 - 03.jpg

04 - Dirty Rose

03 - 0.png
03 - 02.jpg

Art No: 2403EB381X

Comp: 底100%TEL 10%P / 100%C

Spec: 135CM 105GSM

03 - 02.jpg

Dirty rose neutralizes the tackiness of the original pink color
Not only can it complement the skin tone well, but it is also not too difficult to manage,
and it can also provide more possibilities and accent the overall look.
Cutout embroidered dresses offer more possibilities and a finishing touch.

03 - 04.jpg
03 - 03.jpg
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