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Apple on Paris'​ PV Show: Between Utopia and Reality

Wuman Textile


''It is said that the PV exhibition is the ceiling of the fabric industry. I participated in the PV exhibition again after a few years. Not only did I come into contact with the world's cutting-edge fabric design works offline, but I also had the opportunity to listen to professional lectures from fashion industry leaders.'' says Apple Zheng, Founder and Creative Director of Wuman Textile

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In February 2023, we attended the Premiere Vision 2023 Spring and Summer fabric exhibition in Paris, France.

At this year's PV exhibition, many Italian, British and Turkish fine and woolen fabrics were exhibited - brighter, richer colors and thicker materials than previous summer outerwear fabrics. There were also many light and thin summer tweed fabrics exhibited. In addition, the newly launched Eco-innovaition product line attracted a great number of visitors.

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The fabric must be touched and looked at, to feel the atmosphere on site, experience the comfort and drape, and at the same time feel the visual impact of pattern matching. Dreams and imagination have always been the drivers of innovation and creativity. In the face of a new post-epidemic era, Apple felt a delicate emotion conveyed by this exhibition: while harboring uncertainty, it is still necessary to embrace reality forcefully.

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''I would like to summarize some thoughts and trends reflected in the fabrics of this exhibition in the following points:


1. The distance of fabric is an idyllic paradise

Some of the products displayed in this exhibition amazed me. For example, some flower printing products. In the preface, I read this passage: ''Today the virtual world emerges as another reality, embracing new freedoms.'' For example, many fabrics use a lot of luminous materials to create a rainbow-like flashing effect, which seems to be a scene in a utopian world. At the same time, the sense of power conveyed by the overlapping of materials and colors conveys spirituality for the pattern design of this season.


2. A sustainable idealism

Now that ecological issues have been rooted in our hearts, we see designers respecting nature and raw materials in their designs. There are many fabrics that boldly practice new natural materials, and the materials with unique handmade textures have a sense of primitive roughness, which makes everyone feel a refreshing sense of nature.


3. Continuous mode of living in harmony with nature

In response to sustainable development and recycling, the design based on environmentally friendly materials allows creativity to be practical, and builds a balanced process, allowing two seemingly parallel tracks to converge. I see many products that use organic fabrics or trims but also recycled fabrics and recycled fabrics.


This year's PV exhibition also had a special forum area, with more than 20 forum guests, where topics related to the current season's fashion trends, environmental protection material development, digital innovation solutions, and corporate social responsibility were discussed, which gave me a lot of inspiration.

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Walking through the familiar PV exhibition again, I was intoxicated, and it filled me up with energy. Let dreams come true again! Actively embrace this fabric trend, seriously invest in the research and development of fabrics, and redefine the standards of fashion and beauty. The end result of visiting PV was the inspiration for the entire Wuman Textile team.''

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-- Apple Zheng, Founder and Creative Director of Wuman Textile


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