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Our concept of CUSTOMER FIRST 

Wuman Textile


2. In Wuman, how do we understand the multi-level needs of customers?

We keep up with fashion, product cost-performance ratio, product delivery time, and product diversification

The central idea of this article is to embody the idea of "customer first" and highlight the importance of customer service.

1. In Wuman, what is our principle of customer service?

We create value for our customers, help them get orders, and always be grateful to them.

Example: we help our VIP clients with product trend and development and introduce the final foreign brand clients to our VIP clients to help them get the orders.

3. How do we assess the quality of our services?

We get feedback from our customers through each visit. We collect valuable opinions to improve and adjust our own shortcomings.

4. In terms of customer service, which process or service details have we changed this year, which has won praise from customers?

In May this year, we had an order for samples. We already had 3 potential suppliers for product development, but none of them have passed the final confirmation. Our sales manager was the first to learn about this. We delivered the samples to the customer within 48 hours after learning the customer's needs. After passing the first round of development, we helped the customer develop 40 customer-specified flower patterns within 15 days. Finally, we helped the customer receive the ready-made garment order and won the trust of the customer, which also allowed us to get an order worth 7 million yuan.

5. How do we handle customer complaints?

We take into consideration that the way we handle customer complains does not only affect the success or failure of the order, but we also consider the impact on the brand and the future.

6. How do we train our team and new employees in customer service department?

Our new colleagues have a manager to lead and assist them in customer service. Our business manager also brings new colleagues to visit customers every month to understand customer needs and customer positioning. We improve each department through knowledge-sharing meetings every month. The sharing of professional knowledge of excellent salesmen let new employees to learn how to get big orders through high-quality service in that month.


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