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2024AW Vintage Jacquard Series

Wuman Textile


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In the post-epidemic era, people want to have versatile pieces that maintain comfort and individual tailoring, redefining the new normal of commuting. 2024 Fall/Winter Theme Analysis; the new normal will weaken the white-collar characteristics and replace them with comfort-oriented silhouettes.


The natural materials are extracted from nature and wool of finest quality is selected.

The wool is mixed and combed, and then knitted with yarn.

The wool is moisture-resistant and durable, making it more fashionable.

Harris Tweed, a material with a premium feel, is integrated into a classic industrial style,

through the combination of traditional tweed.

The vulcanization manufacturing process interprets the new high-quality retro style in autumn and winter.


◆ Fabric Recommendations


1 - Almond candy

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Art No: WM-2307JC2128X

Comp:P50% C47% SP3%

Spec: 310G*155CM


Sugar almonds in natural primary colors create a tranquil and original beauty.

Reflecting the current lifestyle and creating a balance of urban life,

It conveys a warm and comfortable atmosphere and is mostly used as a daily commuting item.

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2 -  Dove Gray

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Art No: WM-2307JC2109X

Comp:P60% R35% SP5% 

Spec: 300G*160CM


Dove Gray is the product of a combination of nature and modern industry that possesses the ultimate in subdued elegance. 

As one of the key colors of this season, its presence is in line with the modern people’s psychology of pursuing minimalism and practicality. 

At the same time, it has a strong inclusiveness and is suitable for different design fields.

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3 - Meteorite

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Art No: WM-2307JC2122X

Comp:P67% R23%  N5.5% SP4.5% 

Spec: 270G*155CM


The mysterious calmness of black is a color that can be used at any time of the year.

In the full-body use of the immersive meteorite color.
With the collision of highly saturated and bright colors, it can emphasize the spatial feeling of meteorite.

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4 - Forest River

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Art No: WM-2307JC2123X

Comp:P75% R21%  SP4% 

Spec: 400G*155CM


The forest river is a black with profound artistic conception, 

as deep as the vast universe.
This season’s all-black style trend still shows no signs of abating.

Echoing consumers’ preference for long-lasting classic designs,

it shows diverse fashion attitudes in different materials.

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