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2024AW Hot Drill Series

Wuman Textile


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For a recent Net-a-porter article, Hollywood actress Yara Shahidi, who became known as Zoey in 'Grown-ish', talked to Hanna Phifer about running a production company with her mum, bringing black experiences and stories to the screen, why she became a teenage social activist at the age of 14, and how she challenged Josephine Baker in her latest film, 'Peter Pan and Wendy'!, as the new Tinkerbell the Fairy. She wore a dress made of metallic jacquard series.


◆ Fabric Recommendations


1 - Fleshcolor


Art No: SR207

Comp:88%P 12%SP

Spec: 160G*155CM

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Glossy fabric creates a luxurious texture.
Flowing pattern lines extend along the body.
The curves extend into the long skirt of black lace,
The low-neck details create a lazy and sexy look.

A scene of feminine charm that shows gentleness and perseverance.
Hollywood actor Yara Shahidi.

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2 -  Red Dahlia


Art No: E60685

Comp:95%P 5%SP

Spec: 145CM


Cool metals are paired with fine velvet to play with colors and decorate your travel fashion.

Suitable for fashionable wear and various wearing scenarios such as city travel, 

which meets daily comfort requirements.

Yara Shahidi looks playful and retro.

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3 - Almond Candy


Art No: 2309FL983

Comp:80%P 20%SP

Spec: 525G*120CM


The unique color and texture of velvet is born 

with luxurious attributes that endow innovative craftsmanship everywhere.

Gilded and luxurious, like shooting stars that streak across the night.

Ignite the starry sky and bloom your own light.

Just like Yara Shahidi, who shines with her own light.

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4 - Laurel Green


Art No: 2309VT10-FL

Comp: 93%P 7%SP

Spec: 290G*150CM


Different colours are revealed by the light and luster,the metal grains are hidden on the fabric, 

as if the stars of the Milky Way are all embedded in the velvet universe.

Shahidi, who bids farewell to the show, is full of positive energy.

Now that she's starting a new chapter, her passion, 

drive and purpose will continue to shine brightly.

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