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In this increasingly stressful society, people are constantly seeking to escape from the harsh real world and the distorted reality that has been created online for a long time. Therefore, they hope to go offline and return to the most authentic social culture. This request has inspired the resurgence of nightlife and people's demand for parties, and dance culture and music culture are important ways for people to vent their emotions.


Velvet is cut by a special velvet cutting knife.

The warp threads on the surface of the fabric

are cut off to transform each pile warp into 

intermittent lying threads which form the 

surface of the velvet.

The luxurious, high-end and elegant texture is created by velvet,

The timeless and classic fashion factor is fully exuded.


◆ Fabric Recommendations

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1 - Galactic Diamond Blue


Art No: 8126-20


Spec: 210G*140CM

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The texture and lustre of velvet infuses  each of the design with a noble soul. 

Tailoring and smooth lines outline the oft curves of women's body, highlighting 

velvet’s noble temperament.

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2 -  Lapis Blue

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Art No: 2304FL897

Comp:96%P 4%SP

Spec: 300G*145CM

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Created with luxurious, high-end and elegant texture,

a true timeless classic,the fashion factor is fully exuded. 

It has a drapey feel,  smooth and graceful lines, and is full of luster.

Noble and elegant, with a bit of retro charm.

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3 - Bronze 

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Art No: 8126-26

Comp:67%P 25%N 8%SP

pec: 210G*155CM

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The fabric feels silky and flexible and has excellent fit with the human body.

When your skin meets smooth silk, it gives a unique feel.
The soft texture follows the curves of the human body and safely

 protects every inch of our skin.

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