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Create a gorgeous feast for the 2023 Christmas party

Wuman Textile


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As fashion trends evolve, 2023AW Christmas party dress fabrics will also evolve into different forms. Among them, the sequin embroidery process combines different materials, different colors, and the size and shape of the sequins to make the embroidery unique. Use of sequins of various colors is perfect to form patterns on dresses. It can be interesting retro patterns, or it can be random geometric patterns - colorful, romantic fun and full of fashion!

◆ Fabric Recommendations

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Korean velvet beads


Art No.: 2211EB204

Comp: 95%P 5%SP

Spec:353GSM x 127CM

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Sandstone white emphasizes neutral colors, 

and the combination of dark and light tones presents 

a visual sense.White shifts to cleaner,

 lighter shades presenting a warm yet textured tone,

injecting fashionable inner vitality 

into the sequin embroidered fabrics in spring and summer.

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Velvet strip embroidery

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Art No.: 2207EB188

Comp: 96%P 4%SP

Spec:340GSM x 137CM

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With the rise of youthful power warm apricot 

is emerging as a key base shade.

This pale color has broad appeal.

Especially in the summer, 

it is spreading from a youth-oriented to 

a more diverse consumer base.

The vision of glittering beads is glamorous 

with a touch of tranquility.

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Velvet embroidery

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Art No.: 2004FL377

Comp: 100%P

Spec:498GSM x 130CM

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Using chenille as a base fabric,

the combination of matte black bead beadwork and silver microcrystalline silver beads is artistically appealing.

We are unconsciously attracted to the past, 

wanting to explore what kind of storyline this is,

which shows the truth in simplicity, 

unifies the overall tone, 

and reflects the value of modern aesthetics.

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Velvet embroidery

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Art No.: 2004FL377-1

Comp: 95%P 5%SP

 Spec:570GSM x 120CM

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The combination of mysterious purple and 

silver beads,exudes a noble temperament, 

which is more stable and outstanding 

than the dazzling colors.

At the same time, it is paved with pink and 

green beads to reflect the vintage elegance.

It is definitely the golden work of 2023AW 

bead’s embroidery which forms a strong contrast 

effectthat can be applied to dresses and gowns..

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