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Upgrading casual comfort design to luxury, multi-occasion wear, everyday and party compatible, the main focus is on knitted chenille fabric. With a soft feel, tufted with cotton chenille yarn, this material is perfect for seasonal comfort party looks and everyday casual style. It is the best fabric for designing tops, casual suits and dresses.


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The composition of chenille cloth is chenille yarn, including: viscose chenille, acrylic chenille, cotton chenille, polyester chenille, etc. Chenille yarn, also known as chenille, is a new type of fancy yarn. It not only feels good to the touch, but also has a series of advantages such as good drapability and good water absorption, and it is also useful for warmth and decoration.

◆ Fabric Recommendations

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Small plaid mink-like velvet chenille

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Art No.: 1905SW48

Comp: 65%T 35%N

Spec: 259GSM x 157CM

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Mink-like chenille has a very good hand feel and is skin-friendly because of its comfort, while at same time has a good warmth effect. This mink-like chenille has better gloss than other chenille fabrics, and has better stain resistance.

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Chenille Stripes

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Art No.: 2208SW841

Comp: 100%P 

Spec:370GSM x 170CM

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Chenille yarn is spun with two strands as the core thread and twisted to sandwich the feather yarn in the middle. It is characterized by fibers held on a plied core yarn in the shape of a bottle brush. It feels soft and is widely used in velvet fabrics and decorative fabrics. The fabrics are gorgeous and have a soft, velvet feel. It can also be directly used as braiding thread, which has the characteristics of plumpness, warmth retention and good decorative effect.

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Chenille knit

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Art No.: 2207SW792

Comp: 72%P  28%N

Spec:350GSM x 165CM

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The natural world is a source of inspiration for an updated palette of colors that empower classic, heritage designs. Chenille is updated with the help of satisfying berry tones and glossy earth tones. The fabric is soft and skin-friendly, and radiates warmth from the inside, making it suitable for everyday and party styles.

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Concave Velvet

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Art No.: 2208SW826

Comp: 99%P  1%SP

Spec:300GSM x 175CM

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Chenille yarn has plump down, soft hand feeling. It is a thick fabric with light texture, sof toughness, good glossy feeling, and strong stain resistance. It is more convenient to washing, so it has a longer service life.

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