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The process of making knitted fabric consists of using knitting needles to form coils of various raw materials and varieties of yarns, and then connecting them into knitted fabrics through string sleeves. The knitted fabric is soft, has good wrinkle resistance and air permeability, and has great elasticity, making it comfortable to wear. Conforms to WGSN's 2023/24 autumn and winter forecast trend.


◆ Fabric Recommendations


Knitted jacquard

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Art No.: 2105JC1100

Comp: C/T/SP 66/31/3

Spec:300GSM x 136CM


Jacquard knitted fabric is a knitted fabric with floating threads woven from jacquard weave. Knitted jacquard fabric is very easy to care for, and it is very comfortable to wear in daily life, and the fabric has the characteristics of good air permeability, lightness, and softness. Knitted jacquard fabrics are novel in style, beautiful in appearance, and have uneven hand feeling. According to different fabric base fabrics, different patterns can be woven to form different color contrasts between light and shade. The fabric type is strong and not easy to deform. It is a typical environmentally friendly fabric with a very good texture.

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TP twist braid jacquard

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Art No.: 2210JC1810

Comp: 73%T 23%R 4%SP

Spec:360GSM x 155CM

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This kind TP knitted fabric is also called "big pattern structure". It is formed by knitting the yarn pad on the knitting needles selected according to the pattern requirements. Jacquard weave can be formed in weft or warp knitting, single or double knit.

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Bubble jacquard

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Art No.: 2204JC1602

Comp: 97%P 3%SP

Spec:260GSM x 145CM

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Using uneven jacquard weaves with different sizes of front loops can form products with rich three-dimensional effects such as crepes. Double-sided jacquard cotton fabrics are usually woven with dial knitting needles one at a time when weaving the reverse side stitches in each way, so that the reverse side forms a pattern effect of vertical stripes or sesame spots.

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T double-sided cloth jacquard bubble

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Art No.: HM-JC924

Comp: T/96 SP/4

Spec:280GSM x 150CM

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The patterns on the double-sided jacquard fabric are very realistic. The double-sided jacquard fabric is made of high-strength raw materials. Even if it is pulled hard, it will not deform and has strong elasticity.

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