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2024AW Pleat Series

Wuman Textile

Nov 23, 2023



In order to add some vitality to the gray and cold winter, we see various colors, various patterns and beautiful printed pleated items frequently photographed on the street - retro brown, green and brown tones are eye-catching. The pleated texture pattern stands out, especially suitable for romantic and retro autumn and winter holidays; paired with a pleated dress, a woolen coat, a scarf and thick-soled boots, it is a high-end but not boring winter look.

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◆ Fabric Recommendations


1 - Dusty Cedar 

1 - 0.png

Art No: 2306FL936


Spec: 125G×155CM


Patterns and floral patterns keep changing and move with the pleats. 

These pleats are made by skilled craftsmen,

Made by hand by folding pleats along the pattern,

achieving the effect of two patterns on one skirt.

1- 3.jpg
1 - 2.jpg

2 -  Morning Mist Green

2 - .png

Art No: 1911FL198

Comp:70%P 30%R

Spec: 200G * 160 CM


Elegance is hidden in folds, as well as in the space between the fabric and body.

Folded by hand, created for garments.

A brand new irregular undulating space, pleated streamlines, comfortable and elegant.

Pleated velvet texture adds rich details and layering.

2 -3.jpg
2 - 4.jpg

3 -  Cardamom Seed Green

3 - 0.png

Art No: 2208FL804-1


Spec: 290G X 145CM


Elegance hiding in the pleats,

irregular strong texture is the perfect combination of fashion and comfort. 

Three-dimensional pleats come with a temperament-like texture, 

adding rich details and layers. 

The impression that high-end fashion has to be smoothly structured is overturned with

 the combination of the flat and the wrinkled,

 which enhances the beauty of the garment.

3 - 2.jpg
3 - 3.jpg

4 -  Hot Fudge

4 - 1.png
4 .png

Art No: 2305FL918-1
Comp: 95%P SP5%
Spec: 320G 150CM

4 .png

Pleated fabrics are no stranger to anyone in the past two years. 

The public became more aware ot the aesthetic fatigue of ordinary fabrics, 

which has led to the emergence of textured fabrics.

The pleated fabric is particularly prominent, 

and the pleated texture always has a touch of relaxation,

and it seems to have left traces of time, full of storytelling.

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4 -3.jpg
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