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The combination of metallic silk jacquard and multi-craft fabrics becomes the new trend of jacquard fabrics this season. Different textures and thicknesses enrich the artistry of the garments through geometric shapes or patterns and other forms, and assist the garments to show different styles.


◆ Fabric Recommendations

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Single-sided Gold Jacquar


Art No.:2112JC1450

Comp:86%POLY 9%SP 5%LUREX

Spec:170GSM x 150CM

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In the spring and summer of 2023, golden elements appear more frequently than in previous seasons. Notable changes are mainly in the tight arrangement, and the size and shape of the sequins.

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Nylon Silver Silk Jacquard

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Art No.:2007JC536

Comp:75%N 20%LUREX 5%SP

Spec:250GSM x 155CM

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In this season's party show, the gold and silver metallic silk jacquard is designed into a noble and elegant dress and jumpsuit with an air of elegance, with a classic and delicate floral design, with a stronger three-dimensional visual impact and a richer layering of patterns.

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Nylon Silver Fabric Sprinkled With Gold

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Art No.:2103JC941L-B

Comp:60%N 40%LUREX

Spec:120GSM x 150CM

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Colorful metallic wire jacquard, silver wire embellishment, different colors intertwined together, under the light, become the focus of the scene. Designer clothes, whether dresses or jackets, are enhanced by wearing layers.

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