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Wuman Textile at Texworld Paris 2024

Wuman Textile

Feb 19, 2024

“If there is no way, create ways.”

From February 5th to 7th, 2024, Wuman Textile, as a member of the Chinese textile industry, once again visited the International Fabrics and Accessories Exhibition (Paris Texworld Evolution) in Paris, France.


Texworld Paris brings together 1,000 exhibitors from the fashion world each year. It provides a sourcing platform for professional buyers from all over the world, offering a variety of products from basic to the most creative and quality. Texworld - brings together international weavers of various textiles, decorations and accessories.

The products Wuman Textile brought to Paris this time are mainly 25 spring and summer trends, covering multiple subcategories such as jersey, air layer, small fragrant jacquard, small texture jacquard, spring and summer printing, bubble cloth, etc., covering fashion Women's clothing, sports and leisure and other terminal clothing product fields. New and old customers have a new understanding and excellent evaluation of the continuous innovative style, versatility and environmental protection concept of Wuman Textile's products.

paris 1.jpg
paris 1.jpg

Wuman products have won the favor of the organizers as always, and several fabrics were selected for the popular fabric trend booth.

paris 2.jpg
paris 01.jpg


Sandra, General Manager of Wuman Textile, who participated in this exhibition, reported: "2024 will be a year of ups and downs, but even if there is no way, we must create ways, and continuing to appear at the Paris exhibition is one of them."

Wuman Textile has been participating in the Paris Fabrics Fair since 2016. As a representative exhibitor of China's fast fashion women's clothing fabrics, we have continued to win the favor of many fast fashion brands with the diversity and high quality of our products. Some well-known brands from Europe and the UK visited the booth again and conducted enthusiastic contacts and inquiries.

Wuman's associates in Paris said that the overall flow of people at this exhibition was pretty good. Rather than following trends, Texworld is setting trends! Just look at the most fashionable visitors, who are fashionably dressed and have great taste. From bold accessories to timeless elegance, it’s a joy to look at them.

paris 3.jpg


This year's Texworld continues the details of the previous one's commitment to sustainable development for exhibitors, such as certification of company qualifications, product recyclability labels, etc., paying attention to the interaction between the industry, society, and the ecological environment. European buyers will also have more inquiries and considerations about this aspect. Wuman Textile will also continue to pay attention to this area in subsequent product development and communication with partners to match the sustainable product needs of the European market.

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In addition to meeting new customers and catching up with old customers at Texworld in Paris, the Wuman Textile team also participated in seminars including the new paradigm of European fashion in 2030, keeping up with global fashion trendsetters. Before and after the exhibition, the team also visited Paris fashion stores to look for new trends from major European brands and gain inspiration.

We believe that this early spring trip to Paris can further help Wuman establish a cost-effective and high-quality brand image and lay a solid foundation for international cooperation in 2024.

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