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What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Wuman Textile


A message from Sandra Zheng, CEO of Wuman Textile

Autumn is almost over, and it is the season for feeling gratitude. This year marks the 10th year of Wuman's entry to the market. We have experienced customer changes, ups and downs in demand, supply-chain shortage and energy constraints. We have heard of various expectations and assumptions about the industry's weakening, and we have fought back and forth again and again. Fortunately, we are still weaving and selling quality fabric day in and day out, and our enthusiasm and creativity for textiles has not waned!

Over the past 10 years, we have achieved the following small achievements:

- Served 1200+ customers

- Sold 80,000,000 meters of cloth

- Worked with 65 colleagues:

- Participated in 10 fashion shows in Asia, Europe and America

- Participated in about 20 large-scale industry exhibitions in the United States, Russia, China, and France


- Won 8 industry awards

On this Thanksgiving day, I feel blessed to be alive, to be able to meet and to be there for each other. We have not done this alone. There are so many customers, partners, and collaborators who accompanied us, so that we continue to walk tenaciously on this road, giving us the opportunity to continue to move forward on the mission of connecting brands and high-quality fabrics.


At this moment, I imagine that you are all at the scene of the "Wuman Appreciation Party", let me take 1 minute to thank some of my partners!

"Thanks to Indochine, an old customer who has been with us for 8 years, and never left us, even at the most difficult time in the industry."

"Thanks to the VIP customer TFG who doubled our sales despite the difficult market conditions, and gave us the confidence to work harder and provide better service."

"Thanks to all our suppliers for supporting the company, you are the bedrock of our flexible and high-quality supply chain."

"Thanks to Fang Jie in the logistics department, who worked hard and held several positions. Thanks to Xiaojin, a colleague in the business department, who believed in Wuman's platform and rebelled against Wuman's work. Thanks to the young colleagues in the business team, going forward bravely under the difficult market conditions! Thanks for the development to Shan Ge and the designer team in the department, which are constantly expanding the new boundaries of products.”

"Thanks to our NYC BD specilisit Tina, which has expanded new customers and cooperation for us"


There are too many partners to thank, and I could keep thanking them one by one. I hope that I will have the opportunity to express my gratitude to you, face to face. In addition to expressing my gratitude verbally, on behalf of the company, I have specially set up the following "Thanksgiving" awards and activities to express my heart to everyone.

- We are sending our 2023 notebooks to customers all over the world

- Staff will write down the person they are most grateful for and the gift they want to receive the most, and we will draw 1 lucky colleague at the annual meeting in January and make his wish come true.

- For employees who have worked for more than 3 years, we will have a mysterious Thanksgiving gift

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Let's be grateful and pass on that gratitude. I would like to ask you, my friends, what are you thankful for this season of thanksgiving?


Sandra Zheng

CEO of Wuman Textile


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