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Inspired by the recent WGSN trend, the lightly shrunk base fabric features a minimalist, futuristic design that updates formal silhouettes for a more sporty, casual feel.

A heat treatment process is applied to the synthetic backing for a soft, voluminous crinkled design. You can also refer to Yilmazipek's Pastel series and Infinity Codice JJMoon, which use weaving structures and stitches to present a filling wrinkle effect.

Applicable categories: tops, shirts, dresses, trousers, jackets, coats, jumpsuits, suits

◆ Fabric Recommendations


Woven pleat

640 (1).png

Art No.: 2206FL781

Comp: 98%P 2%SP

Spec:215GSM x 145CM


The fabric is a woven pleat fabric, and the woven fabric has a certain stiffness. Pleat fabric has the convenience of wearing, can be squeezed without deformation, light and wrinkle-free, no need to iron, and because of the unique shape, it can also modify the three-dimensional lines of the human body.

640 (1).jpg
640 (2).png

CEY crepe pleat

640 (3).png
640 (4).png

Art No.: 2206FL789

Comp: 100%P 

Spec:220GSM x 145CM

640 (4).png

CEY crepe are generally used in skirts, which are elegant, agile and have their own aura.

The fabric is soft and easy to care for and has a strong quick-drying effect.

640 (3).jpg
640 (4).jpg

Washed velvet full polyester pleat

640 (5).png
640 (5).jpg

Art No.: 2206FL788

Comp: 100%P 

Spec:160GSM x 155CM

640 (5).jpg

Made of polyester fabric, it is an excellent choice among the pleat fabrics.

It has strong elastic recovery, crisp and because of its durability, it is not easy to wrinkle.

It can be ironed, the color is firm and not easy to fade.

640 (6).jpg
640 (7).jpg

Flat pleat fabric

640 (6).png
640 (7).png

Art No.: 2209FL817

Comp: 100%P 

Spec:180GSM x 155CM

640 (7).png

The pitch of fine pleats is smaller than that of general pleats,

The dense pleats can create a low-key and secretive design while  demonstrating advanced design techniques.

640 (8).jpg
640 (9).jpg
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