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Elegant Chanel-style fabric is an eternal topic in the fashion industry. Originated from the world-renowned fashion brand Chanel, and it represents a simple and elegant clothing style. Nowadays, people are pursuing more casual and comfortable outfits, so the knitting style has become more and more daily present. The improved plaid jacquard and color yarn bartacking process design is the key to creating durable classic suits, tops and dresses. Bright colors embellish the classic variegated tweed design, which can meet chambray’s multi-occasion, multi-functional and multi-style changes of 2024SS.

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◆ Fabric Recommendations

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Mixed coffee color jacquard chambray


Art No:2103JC995

Comp:71%T 28%C 1%SP

Spec:165CM   280G

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Mixed yarn jacquard chambray fabric weighs 280G, has a thick hand feeling and elegant temperament. It is suitable for designing suits, dresses and other categories. The bumpy lattice texture adds to the personality of Chanel style.

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Green plaid jacquard

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Art No:2203JC1582

Comp:75%P 12%C 11%R 2%SP

Spec:155CM 220G

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The weight of the fabric is 220G, and it is blended with colored yarn. The surface texture is rich in color and grainy, and the fabric content of rayon is added to make the texture softer and more delicate. The knitted chambray fabric is more elastic and inclusive, and has good air permeability, which is suitable for designing tops and dresses.

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Green Microcheck jacquard

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Art No:2201JC1490

Comp:85%T 13%C  2%SP

Spec:160CM 265G

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The weight of the fabric is 265G, and the emerald green check pattern is more fashionable and individual. It is mixed with silver thread to create an elegant and noble charm. The fabric is soft and textured. The characteristic of its fabric is that he weaves different yarns together in a clever way to form wonderful colors. The surface texture reflects the full texture.

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錨點 1

Cross Pattern Jacquard

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Art No:2201JC1482

Comp:54%T 45%C 1%SP

Spec:155CM 275G

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The weight of the fabric is 275G, the color is elegant and ladylike, the handle is thick, fashionable and versatile, the style is changeable, the workmanship is fine, and the fabric is soft. The texture is exquisite and delicate, the texture is rich, retro and fashionable. Full color and texture, good wrinkle resistance and strong air permeability. Suitable for designing clothing categories such as coats and dresses.

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Silver colored yarn blended jacquard

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Art No:2108JC1268

Comp:66%T 15%C 15%SP  4银丝

Spec:160CM 280G

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The weight of the fabric is 280G, and the color is gentle and pleasant. It can be used as suits, tops, skirts.

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