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Wuman Textile



Dense, soft knitted microsuede fabric is a key 

trend for 2023SS.It enhances the look of 

lightweight jackets, tight-fitting dresses

delicate suits, slim-fitting shirts and other looks

It is a new design favorite in the collections

 of the major shows.

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The suede-lke fabric is soft and waxy,

Good elasticity, light and comfortable texture,

Resistant to wrinkling, the upper body has a 

strong sense of shaping.

◆ Fabric Recommendations

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Tender Apricot

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Art No:2011RM298-2

Comp:T/SP 95/5%

Spec: 150cm /240-280G

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The weight of this fabric is 240-280G. It’s soft and smooth to the touch, wide in texture, strong in shaping the upper body, and good in drape.

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Vintage curry

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Art No:2011RM298-1

Comp:T/SP 95/5%

Spec:150cm /250G

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The weight of this fabric is 250G, the fabric feels soft and is comfortable to wear. It has thick and dense plain weave, good gloss, strong wrinkle resistance, very drape, making it high-grade and tasteful.

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Caramel Milk Tea

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Art No:2104SJ365

Comp:87%T 13%SP

Spec:150cm /170-200G

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The fabric is 170-200G in gram weight, with fine woolen feeling, obvious elasticity and retraction effect, comfortable handfeel. The texture is light and skin-friendly, and it is breathable, which improves the comfort of clothing.

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錨點 1

Creamy Brown

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Art No:2009SJ244-1


Spec:165cm /190G

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The weight of this fabric is 190G, and it is the darling of big-name fast fashion brands. It has a swan-like luster, soft to the touch, stiff without losing its texture, and the clothing is high-end and crisp.

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