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Creating a new suit for the mobile workplace

Wuman Textile



Cool, calm and serene

Sophisticated luxury

Breathing fabric

Simplicity, lightness and elegance

Granularity in light and shadow.

The style of the 2024SS mobile workplace is like a clear stream in the crowd, shuttling back and forth in people's eyes. Simple and light suits can always give people a sense of sophistication, anti-wrinkle micro-bombs give physical and psychological comfort, and the refined and elegant atmosphere is ingeniously integrated with nature. Jersey Crepe series can be worn whether it is formal wear or leisure.

◆ Fabric Recommendations

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Crepe de Chine

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ART NO:   2003JC389

COMP:   70%R 27%T 3%SP

SPEC :    30GSM*130CM

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The texture is clear and frosted, the material is soft and textured, the visual effect is gentle, the touch is comfortable and not slippery, the slight elasticity adds a variety of silhouette possibilities to this fabric, and it shows a sense of luxury in matching.

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Doris Scuba 

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ART NO:     2003RM147

COMP :       96%T 4%SP

SPEC:    285GSM*160CM

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The clear texture gives people visual and tactile impact. Its texture also improves the wrinkle resistance of the fabric and increases the elasticity of the clothes. Soft and not pilling, it is a good choice for simple commuting and casual fashion in spring and summer.

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Knitted Straight Zurick

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ART NO:     2104RM412

COMP:       95%T 5%SP

SPEC:   240GSM*145CM

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This multi-colored material is smooth and skin-friendly, and the matte surface is textured. The saturation is just right to cater to the vitality of spring and summer, and it is easy to set off a fresh and colorful atmosphere, thus setting off the temperament.

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錨點 1

Polyester Crepe de Chine

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ART NO.       1908SJ55

COMP              100%T

SPEC   210GSM*160CM

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The natural luster is integrated with the environment, the light and shadow set off the soft atmosphere, and the delicate skin-friendly touch allows the skin to breathe. Soft and elastic, with elegant tones, fresh and refined, it also looks very stylish in daily outings.

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