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Wuman Textile


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Solid, tight and regular,

With sophisticated sense of quality.

The Art of Geometric Arrangement

Rhythm, Vitality, Chic,

Coexistence of texture and style.

While being flexible and elastic, it also takes into 

account breathability. Combining sports and 

leisure as one, it covers a variety of silhouettes 

and occasions. The three-dimensional geometric texture reflects the niche 

aesthetics and highlights the refined temperament. 

The checked jacquard series is simple yet stylish,

 compact and delicate with a touch of softness.

 With basic styles and simple silhouettes, 

it is the mainstream choice for daily 

leisure in spring and summer.

◆ Fabric Recommendations


Double-side Jacquard

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ART NO.       2101JC903L

COMP         97%T 3%SP

SPEC     280GSM*156CM


Thick and fine grid texture, interpreting texture 

and tonality.With its pure color and lines,

 it appears clean and neat. 

The material is soft and elastic, taking into 

account flexibility and comfort, and the material 

is versatile and not picky.

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RT Jacquard

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ART NO.       2203JC1568

COMP  41%P 7%SP 52%R

SPEC      310GSM*130CM

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The triangular geometry is combined in an 

orderly manner, and the sense of refinement 

is closely arranged. Warm tones render a 

soft atmosphere, soft and threedimensional, 

luxurious and unobtrusive. The styles 

are diversified, and 

the sports and leisure styles can be replaced at will.

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Houndstooth Jacquard

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ART NO.          2204JC1594

COMP  40%N 50%R 10%SP

SPEC        380GSM*155CM

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The exquisite small squares are arranged 

and decorated in a geometric way, 

and the ingenious combination makes 

people's eyes shine. The slightly grainy visual 

effect makes the texture more unique, 

and there are more choices in fabric materials.

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