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Texture adds depth to the lightweight base and adds tactility with structure and finish. Pleating, shrinkage and crepe techniques provide iron-free, easy-care benefits.

Whether natural or synthetic, this theme fits well with modern romantic trends. The nylon backing is lightweight and delicately crafted, with a pleated texture that creates a versatile sheen. Soft, draping, flat weave pleats are created in viscose/polyester.

◆ Fabric Recommendations

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Polyester Spandex Jacquard


Art No.: 2011JC778L

Comp: 95%T 5%SP

Spec:315GSM x 112CM

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The bright-colored medium-weight fabrics try innovative three-dimensional textures, and adopt various techniques and treatments to show excellent visual effects. Stretchy seersucker construction imparts a nature-inspired print to a relaxed, tailored fabric, while exposed high-twist yarns create a pile-like surface. The sheer polyester is woven into the wrinkled cotton base, showing a new three-dimensional texture effect, and taking the high-end technology route.

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Polyester Spandex Jacquard

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Art No.: 2011JC783L

Comp: 95%T 5%SP

Spec:360GSM x 112CM

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Polyester jacquard crepe fabric - the fabric style is novel, and the jacquard on the surface makes the hand feel uneven. Even the most basic style, with the blessing of the fabric, makes it more luxurious.

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Polyester Spandex Jacquard

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Art No.: 2011JC782L

Comp: 95%T 5%SP

Spec:380GSM x 120CM

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Polyester spandex jacquard fabric is easy to care for, very comfortable to wear, and has the characteristics of lightness, softness and breathability. Knitted garments are stretchy, so it's important to wash them on a gentle spin cycle at low temperature, dry on a flat surface, and store folded. It has the characteristics of non-ironing and easy care.

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Knitted Jacquard

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Art No.: 2108JC1265

Comp: 14.4W 43.3A 38.3N 4SP

Spec:255GSM x 125CM

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Knitted jacquard fabric is very easy to care for, and it is very comfortable to wear in daily life. The fabric has the characteristics of good air permeability, lightness, and softness. Knitted jacquard fabrics are novel in style, beautiful in appearance, feel bumpy, and can be word with different base fabrics and patterns to form color contrasts.


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