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The art of carving penetrates the fence of light and shadow to indulge in the depths of a beautiful calmness. Jacquard arranged in the gaps between different flower types, giving a sense of visual space. Contrasting colors and embroidery of the same color are used on the surface, increasing the sense of female elegance, quietly.  The artistic cut-out shape makes the style distinctive and the wearing experience different.

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- 1 -

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Art No.:2302JC1928-1

Comp: 95%P 5%SP

Spec: 195GSM x 155CM


Simple white eyelet pattern cloth, embellished with diamond-shaped checks, the colors are close to natural beige, khaki, and brown, with a strong sense of nature, and the fabric looks peaceful and warm visually.

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- 2 -

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Art No.:2302JC1928

Comp: 95%P 5%SP

Spec: 210GSM x 153CM

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The fabric is girly pastel colored, looks fluffy and warm. Hazy geometry and interesting repetitive patterns are the main expressive elements of the dreamy sweet cool jacquard style.

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- 3 -

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Art No.:2302JC1928-3

Comp: 98%P 2%SP

Spec: 200GSM x 145CM

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Simple geometric patterns and bumpy mottling combined with a sense of elegance in color and material form a natural commuter style fabric feature that forms the characteristic jacquard.

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- 4 -

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Art No.:2302JC1928-3

Comp: 98%P 2%SP

Spec: 200GSM x 145CM

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Flowers are the most common element in pattern design, which is obviously different from abstract outlines and conventional geometric patterns. In addition, the eyelet design is hidden, which increases the visual impact of the fabric.

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