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Elastic Pleated Fabric Series  

Wuman Textile




The routine city life and work have suppressed people's innate characteristics and hobbies, and the urgent need for spiritual decompression has accelerated the emergence of multi-dimensional changes in micro vacation. The flat visual effect of pleats changes with the different curvature of the body space and the movement of the limbs causes the change of the light.


◆ Fabric Recommendations

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1 - Patina Green

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Art No: 2306LC1262

Comp:95%P 5%SP

pec: 320GSM×145CM

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Thick and thin stripe texture,

The fabric feels comfortable, 

light and breathable, elastic and 

has a good drape. It has the ability

 to give soft fabrics a three-dimensional

 effect and modify the body shape.

Suitable for dresses, crop tops, 

T-shirts, vests and other categories.

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2 - Lime Green

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Art No:2303LC1118

Comp:97%N 3%SP

pec: 220GSM×130CM

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Geometric stripes on the cloth 

surface, clear textureIt feels soft and 

comfortable, light and breathable,and 

has a good drape.Suitable for crop

 tops, T-shirts, vests and other categories.

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3 - Peach Powder

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Art No: 2305LC1198X

Comp:50%C 40%N 10%SP

Spec: 225GSM×105CM

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The novel polyester and ammonia

 jacquard crinkle fabric.The surface 

of the jacquard is uneven, even when

 we talk abou the most basic style.With

 the support of the fabric, outfit looks 

more classy.Suitable for dresses, 

shirts, T-shirts and other categories.

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4 -  White

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Art No: HPT-MH9702

Comp:94%P 6%SP

Spec: 200GSM×150CM

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This fabric is famous for its elasticity 

and comfortable hand feeling. It’s 

not easy to wrinkle and is very durable. 

The fabric can be ironed, the color is 

also firm and not easy to fade.

Suitable for dresses, vests, crop

 tops, T-shirts and other categories.

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5 -  Sand color

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Art No: 2304LC1196-1

Comp:54%C 45%N 1%SP

Spec: 220GSM×120CM 

640 (8).jpg

The fabric is light and breathable,

 soft and skin-friendly and easy 

to care for, with a striped texture 

on the surface.Suitable for dresses, 

vests, crop tops and other categories.

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