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2024AW Knitted Rib Fabric Series Trend

Wuman Textile




In the past few years, the "intellectual commuter style" of restrained minimalism and sophistication has become very popular. High intelligence, simplicity, intellectualism, gentleness, coupled with a sense of detachment and relaxation, represents another kind of sexiness of women. The style has a gentle and elegant scholarly temperament, but also a little retro-modern, so that the whole look has connotation and taste.


◆ Fabric Recommendations


1 - Basil Green

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Art No: 2108RB604

Comp: R65% T27% SP8%

Spec:180GSM x 170CM


The delicate texture is clearly visible, 

and meets the lazy casualness of basil green.

Combining comfort and fashion, the fabric 

has a subtle elasticity, and it outlines a woman's 

beautiful figure. Suitable for cardigans and tops.

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2 -  Bay Leaf

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Art No: 1909RB75

Comp: T92% SP8%

Spec:268GSM x 150CM

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The undertones of laurel leaves,

Set off your skin as delicate as baby's skin.

The trousers are loose-fitting, combined with 

the treatment of slits at the trouser opening,

The effect of slimming is good, highlighting

 the slender curves of women.Suitable for suits,

 pants, tops and other categories.

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3 - Dark Lime Orange

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Art No: 2212RB871

Comp: P96% SP4%

Spec:210GSM x 160CM

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Ribbed gown which suits both home and commuting.

Whether it's with fashionable leather pants or

 encountering a beautiful floral dress, 

the fashionable design will never fall out of line.

The neckline is rounded, trimming the curve of 

the neck and the shape of the face.

Suitable for long shirts, pants, suits and other categories.

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4 - Turquoise

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640 (11).jpg

Art No: 2203RB719

Comp: R8%  P92%

Spec:215GSM x 113CM

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Unique ribbed texture, romantic and feminine skirt,

Encounters the exquisite life of fleeting years. 

Comfortable and breathable,

The color is warm and soft, very eye-catching.

It fits snugly and creates perfect curves.

Suitable for dresses, gowns, skirts and other categories.

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