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More sustainable yarns increase the softness and longevity of comfortable garments.

The delicate and soft texture is ideal for casual home wear and casual home clothes that focus on comfort, while the light tone highlights the warm and comfortable home environment and enhances the warm atmosphere.

◆ Fabric Recommendations

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Spun-dyed Elastic Jacquard

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Art No.: 2006JC507-1

Comp: 95%C 5%SP

Spec: 198GSM x 140CM

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Spun-dyed elastic jacquard fabric refers to a kind of fabric that uses warp and weft changes to form patterns during weaving. It has fine yarn count, high needle thread density, no deformation, no fading, and offers good comfort when used. It appears high grade and tasteful.

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Loop Transfer Jacquard

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Art No.: 2004JC444-1

Comp: 95%C 5%SP

Spec: 178GSM x 140CM

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Creates a mesh effect on the ribbed weave by transferring the "loops" from one "needle bed" to the needles of another needle bed. The composition of jacquard loop transfer fabric is generally polyester cotton, and it is specifically used for pyjamas, underwear, home clothes, fashion, casual clothes, sportswear, T-shirts, and sweaters.

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 Colored Cotton Loop Transfer Jaquard

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Art No.: 2008JC604-1

Comp: 95%BCI 5%SP

Spec: 178GSM x 145CM

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Knitted clothing is comfortable to wear because it has no sense of restraint, and is easy to fit the body. Knitted fabrics can be divided into two categories: single-sided and double-sided. Single-sided is a loose-shaped knitted garment, which can reflect the body curve. The loop transfer is carried out on the basis of the weft plain stich according to the pattern design, and the double-sided shifting is a common design and color structure in the fabric structure, which can form eyelets, concave and convex, twisting and other color effects. Transfer fabrics are generally better in air permeability, mainly used in sweaters, women's fashion underwear and other products

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Spun-dyed Loop Transfer Jacquard

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Art No.: 2011JC817

Comp: 95%BCI 5%SP

Spec: 164GSM x 140CM

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In order to ensure the smooth progress of the knitting process in which the knitting loop transfer structure is formed by transferring the line pattern section during the knitting process, the knitting yarn must have certain strength and extension. Usually, the organization of the transfer loop needle knitting arc section is called leno grouping, so that the yarn can be bent into a loop. The twist and fineness of the yarn are uniform and low, the yarn has low bending stiffness, good softness, and smooth surface .

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錨點 1

 Spun-dyed Elastic Jacquard

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Art No.: 2006JC507-2

Comp: 95%C 5%SP

Spec: 175GSM x 140CM

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Spun-dyed elastic jacquard is a kind of machine knitted fabric, which is obtained by weaving with jacquard mechanism after warp and weft yarns are dyed. Since the raw material of silk weaving is a non-transparent solid, only the yarn floating on the surface of the fabric, that is, the weave point, can participate in the color development of the fabric in the interlaced weave, while the covered yarn does not participate in the color development of the fabric.

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