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2024AW Fancy Rib Fabric

Wuman Textile




The Flow theme is characterized by a minimalist and spirited design, free of extraneous superfluous elements, but not coldly minimalist either. It strikes a balance between the two, combining ergonomic clean curved shapes with natural soft materials, cozy textures and romantic dreamy purple tones. The Flow theme displays a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, but does not dwell on reminiscing about the past; rather, it explores how to utilize the flow of thoughts about all the things that carry us and connect us, and move firmly into the ever-changing future.

Ribbed jacquard fabrics inherently present soft, 

stretchy vertical lines, making it feel light,

 and with the unique pattern of this fabric, 

it is designed to be distinctive and creative,

 and a simple cut can make a beautiful dress.


◆ Fabric Recommendations

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1 - Paster Lilac

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Art No: WM-2307SW985X

Comp:63%P 33%R 4%SP

Spec: 280GSM x 165CM

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Orchid purple is a soft and dreamy light purple, which is suitable for creating romantic items.

The unique charm of lavender is expressed through fabrics of different materials.

Wearing single products of the same color system breaks the dull autumn and winter styling and injects a soft and feminine atmosphere.

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2 -  Purple Dove

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Art No: WM-2307SW992X

Comp:80%P 20%R 

Spec: 295GSM x 160CM

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Purple Dove is a calm and reliable neutral color, reminiscent of pebbles on the beach and cold concrete floors, reassuring and at the same time gives people peace and perseverance, as if it is the only way to fight against the uncertainty of the outside world. Purple Dove exudes femininity in every gesture.

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3 - Burlwood

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Art No: WM-2307SW984X

Comp:97%IB 3%SP

Spec: 395GSM x 160CM

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Medium brightness and low saturation tonality of the gall wood color has a soft, quiet, color character, rich in "cultural heritage" of tension and it is also a trending color.

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4 - Viva Magenta

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Art No: WM-2307JC2134X

Comp:95%P 5%SP

Spec: 295GSM x 160CM

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Viva Magenta is a vibrant, passionate, courageous and inspiring magenta color that falls somewhere between red and purple. Pantone describes Viva Magenta as a color that perfectly balances warm and cool tones, a nuanced color found in nature that is uplifting and representative of the world's diversity.

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