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Influenced by fashion brands such as Skims and the 2022/23 autumn/winter catwalk, homewear not only presents a soft, close-fitting and comfortable feel, but also increases the fashion of outerwear. The brushed surface texture and interesting tailoring make the homewear category glow with vitality. Comfortable viscose are used, while the high-end range can be used in advanced thermal blends of modal and wool, bringing a new fashion to the loungewear series.

Autumn’s new products help you say farewell to old love and change to new clothes

Start a new love affair with stylish elegance.

◆ Fabric Recommendations

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Pile-loop cloth


ART NO: 1912JC271


SPEC: 252GSM*150CM

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Loop yarn is a kind of fancy yarn, which generally consists of three parts: core thread, pressing thread and decorative thread. The core thread and crimping thread are often made of wool spinning raw materials such as chemical fiber filament or acrylic fiber. The decorative thread is the part that is looped on the flower twisting machine. It can be a variety of wool spinning raw materials or yarns.

The loop yarn fabric feels soft, smooth and skin-friendly, and is the best choice for homewear suits.

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Wool rayon and nylon jacquard terry

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ART NO: 2203FT295


SPEC: 260GSM*160CM

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Wool fabric is a fabric made of wool as raw material. The biggest advantage of wool fabric is that it is very fine and soft, suitable for personal clothing. The drape of wool fabric is also very good, and the luster of the fabric is also very prominent. In addition, the breathability and extensibility of wool fabric are also very good, and the texture is very high-grade.

Suitable for loungewear and pajamas design.

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Modal rayon double-sided terry cloth

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ART NO: 2104FT168


SPEC: 350GSM*150CM

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The terry cloth fabric has the characteristics of softness, comfort, good warmth retention and strong sweat absorption. It is generally used as the lining of bottoming shirts, pajamas, bath towels, towels, and sweaters, and has a wide range of uses. Terry cloth is a woven fabric with terry piles or pile cut piles on the surface of textile fibers. It is made of rayon and modal yarns and is woven on a towel loom. The surface has dense piles, soft hand feeling, strong water absorption and water storage, good resistance and heat preservation performance.

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Dragon twisted cotton slub

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ART NO: 2012JC865L

COMP: 65%C  30%T  5%SP

SPEC: 190GSM*146CM

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Slub cotton is the most novel weaving process of cotton fabrics. The fabric will have regular drawing and picking to form a slub-like texture effect! It has better breathable and sweat-absorbing properties than ordinary plain cotton fabrics. It is the best choice for home clothes. Slub cotton has the characteristics of softness, high air permeability, stretch resistance, and high moisture absorption that ordinary cotton materials do not have. Washed slub cotton is the top grade with better texture. Most of CK's T-shirts use this material!

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