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A color theme that accentuates nature with vibrant mid-tones, dopamine brights, and joy continues to boost the basics, crafted with a chenille texture. Warm insulated base layers are increasingly important, revitalizing familiar silhouettes from loungewear and pajamas.



Chenille is formed by twisting fibers or filaments of different fineness and strength, so the decorative yarn is the main fabric material of Chenille, which is indispensable to show the beautiful effect and style of Chenille. Chenille has a light texture and soft feel despite its rich look. 

◆ Fabric Recommendations

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Chenille jacquard

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Art No.: 2206SW784

Comp: 98%P 2%SP

Spec:330GSM x 142CM

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The geometric jacquard chenille has a novel surface texture and a suede texture. It has the characteristics of no pilling, strong wrinkle resistance, good air permeability, and skin-friendly softness. The diamond jacquard increases the texture of the fabric and makes the fabric more advanced.

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Multi-colorDuan Cai Chenille

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Art No.: 2207SW794

Comp: 80% Chenille 20%P

Spec:280GSM x 180CM

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A classic look is given new life with vibrant colors and textures for unique accents.  Vibrantly colored yarns are used to add eye-catching effects to the base fabric. Mixed fancy yarns and uneven textured slub yarns create a three-dimensional tactile surface and add texture to the fabric. The visual effect of dyed yarn brings a new chenille fashion to the home.

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Chenille Thick Needle

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Art No.: 2206SW779

Comp: 100%P

Spec:340GSM x 160CM

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This fabric is a core yarn made of plying fibers, and its entire fleshy surface is very plump, with a velvety touch to the touch, and the entire feel is very soft, suitable for close-fitting suit design.

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Spun-dyed Loop Transfer Jacquard

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Art No.: 2108SW611

Comp:T/SP 98/2

Spec:410GSM x 155CM

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Chenille yarn, also known as Chenille Silver, is a new type of fancy yarn. It uses two strands as the core thread and is spun with feather yarn sandwiched in the middle by twisting. It has a very thick feeling, and the whole appearance looks very light, suitable for home suits and casual wear.

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