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Dec 21, 20231



Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. It not only represents the commemoration of the birth of Jesus, but has also become one of the most important moments of the year in the fashion industry. On this special day, people not only celebrate and rejoice, but also pay attention to their dressing up and show off their fashion sense. The traditional Christmas colors are red and green, and the combination of these two colors will bring a strong festive atmosphere. However, in recent years, some new colors have gradually entered Christmas fashion. For example, gold, silver and blue are all popular choices, adding a modern touch to Christmas looks.

The dress made of gilded material itself is very radiant, and matching it with high heels can enhance the overall temperament. Silver high heels are a more versatile choice and can make the overall look more stable and elegant. Choose small earrings, thin bracelets, etc. for accessories. Low-key accessories can avoid making the overall look too heavy.


◆ Fabric Recommendations

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1 - Sky blue

01 - 0.png

Art No:HM-PT681-6

Comp:50%T 50%LUREX

Spec:80G 145CM

01 - 2.jpg

Creasing gives the fabric a sense of movement and three-dimensionality.

The fabric is light, not easy to deform, and is highly malleable. 

It also has a good drape.

The dreamy blue brings eye-catching yet not dazzling gentleness.

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01 - 4.jpg

2 -  Coabalt blue

02 - 0.png
02 - 2.jpg

Art No:2305FL922

Comp:50%P 50%LUREX

Spec:75G 143CM

02 - 2.jpg

Luminescence is a popular continuation of gradient.

Different angles at a different light, showing an ever-changing luster.

Textured folds enhance the fabric's layering sense and refraction of light creates a feast for the eyes.

02 - 3.jpg
02 - 4.jpg

3 - Deep sea green

03 - 0.png
03 - 02.jpg

Art No:2305FL921

Comp:50%P 50%LUREX

Spec:95G 140CM

03 - 02.jpg

Soft and smooth to the touch, this fabric is full of luster. 

Under the light, the sparkling bright silk looks like stars in the sky. 

Sparkling under the light, just like a fairy appears.

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