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Wuman Textile




Bring mix-and-match styles into party wear to enhance wearability and reduce market risks. Using pleated technology, soft luster, and micro-glitter, to create a design that can be dressed up or plain, showing the soft volume of the figure, suitable for various categories and series, so that the single product can be worn in a variety of ingenious designs, reflecting the uniqueness of its value.

◆ Fabric Recommendations

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Pleated stretch satin


Art No.: 2204FL751-1

Comp: 96%P 4%SP

Spec:210GSM x 140CM

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The design is novel and the cloth surface 

is unique in style.

 It has a better visual effect than that of satin glitter.

Smooth and soft to the touch, 

no fading after washing.

Crumpled finish, strong air permeability. 

It is an ideal wearing fabric.

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Pleated velvet 

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Art No.: 2208FL809

Comp: 100%P 

Spec:280GSM x 145CM

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The velvet fabric feels silky and resilient.

 Plus the blessing of creasing highlights the 

personality charm.Lazy and beautiful, 

with retro fashion and elegant charm.

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Pleated velvet 

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Art No.: 2208FL804

Comp: 100%P 

Spec:290GSM x 145CM

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The velvet crumpling process brings light and 

dark interlaced glossy lines,

Glittering in movement and stillness, 

three-dimensional and agile, 

like rippling water.

The combination of retro and fashion is just right,

 luxurious and stylish, versatile and fashionable.

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Gilded and pleated Korean velvet

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Art No.: 2210FL845

Comp: 95%P 5%SP

Spec:325GSM x 150CM

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The gilded Korean velvet fabric has a retro luster, 

a good drape and a strong three-dimensional effect.

The fabric feels delicate and soft,

 and the crimped velvet withm slight gilding 

updates the party category.

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