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2024SS  Crochet Stripes  Fabric Trend 

Wuman Textile


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Evolving from the Atlantean trend, Ocean Wonderland aims to evoke fear and awe in humans with the power of water. When designing structures, it is worthwhile to draw inspiration from water currents. Explore warp knitting and openwork stitches combined with ripple forms, three-dimensional shift loops, dropped stitches and gathered loop structures.


◆ Fabric Recommendations

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1 - Blue Sky


Art: HM-LC2353-2
Comp: 98%P 10%SP

Spec: 180SM x 150CM

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Different crocheted colored stripes,

elegant and exquisite.
Comfortable hand feeling with elasticity and good

wrinkle resistance. Suitable for tank tops, 

short-sleeved suits, dresses and other categories.

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2 - Nutshell Brown

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Art No: 2112LC677

Comp: 100%P 

Spec: 128GSM x 150CM


Colorful elastic woven texture, 

Wear-out resistant, comfortable,

 light and breathable.It is

 suitable for holiday series such as 

swimwear suits, dresses and suits.

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3 - Earthly tones

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Art No: 2205LC750

Comp: 15%C 85%P

Spec: 165GSM x 150CM

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Wrinkle-resistant and wear-resistant, 

with a certain degree of elasticity, 

this fabric has a honeycomb texture.

Suitable for shorts, dresses, vests and other categories.

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4 -  Classic Green

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Art No: 2207LC812

Comp: 98%P 2%SP 

Spec: 170GSM x 150CM

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Anti-wrinkle, not easy to deform, comfortable to wear,

With a certain degree of stretch, this fabric

 has a green striped mesh texture.Suitable for suits, dresses, gowns, shorts and other categories.

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5 -  Meteoric color

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Art No: 2006LC284-2

Comp: 95%T 5%SP 

Spec: 180GSM x 130CM

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Anti-wrinkle, not easy to deform, 

comfortable to wear.

Has a certain degree of elasticity.

Catering to the theme of the ocean

trend, it has black and white wave pattern and mesh texture. 

Suitable for dresses, 

long shirts, shorts and other categories

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