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2024AW Luxury Velvet Collection

Wuman Textile




Low-key luxury is a lifestyle that pursues ultimate quality and details without pretentiousness. This style of clothing perfectly reflects this persistence. Low-key luxury clothing pays attention to exquisite fabrics, meticulous workmanship and gorgeous design details; at the same time, it must also have deep cultural heritage and fashion sense, without losing elegance and taste.

Velvet itself is the general term for cut velvet silk fabrics with velvet on the surface. Most of them are composed of specialized warp wires that have  been cut.Because the piles are parallel and neat, it exhibits the unique luster of velvet. It is skin friendly, not prone to wrinkles and has good wearing properties.


◆ Fabric Recommendations

1 2.jpg

1 - Cypress Green

1 1.png

Art No: FB-90424

Comp:P88% SP12%

Spec: 155CM

1 2.jpg

Originating from the evergreen pines and cypresses in the dense winter forest, 

the pine and cypress green brings tranquility and comfort 

to people with its sense of belonging,

purifying and comforting the soul. 

Pine and cypress green has an infinite sense of 

tolerance and injects warmth into winter.

1 4.png
1 3.png

2 -  Prase

2 1.png
2 2.png

Art No: 2208FL803

Comp:P57% N33% SP10%

Spec: 360G*133CM

2 2.png

As a relatively highly saturated green, it conveys the feeling of nature.

While energetic and optimistic, it is also a favorite for autumn and winter outerwear.

Pair the item with a skirt of the same color, it brings a fresh and warm feeling.

2 3.jpg
2 4.jpg

3 - Pine Green

3 1.png
3 2.png

Art No: 2309FL974X-1

Comp:V100% N100%

Spec: 165G*155CM

3 2.png

Taken from nature, it shows strong vitality.

Given to us by the earth, it is green like pine needles. 

In the old days, the high-class fabric 

"soft tobacco" was constrained by the dyeing process,

which resulted in only four colors,

among which was  "pine green, 

which is a symbol of wealth and status and is highly respected by the upper class.

Pine green has universal appeal in mountain style.

3 3.png
3 4 .png

4 - Aventurine Quartz

4 1 .png
4 2.jpg

Art No: 2309VT02

Comp:V82% N18%

Spec: 165G*135CM

4 2.jpg

The translucent high-end feeling comes from its mineral-like elegance. 

This fabric is mysterious and unpredictable.

This kind of dark green with its own texture is used in clothing.

It has a noble and elegant charisma.

4 3.jpg
4 5.jpg
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