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Nov 24, 2023



The metallic aesthetics that started to stir up a craze at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century have returned to people's attention again in today's fashion trend. During this period, metallic colors have been forgotten by many people, and even considered a "disgusted" visual style. 

2024 Metal elements and colors have re-entered the public eye. It cleverly integrates the charm of metal elements with the fashion world to create an intoxicating aesthetic experience.

If you want to wear a unique style, just relying on replicas is definitely not enough. However, when it comes to planning a winter capsule wardrobe, there is still a tried-and-true formula worth learning from: comfortable jacket + soft knit + true love slacks + versatile shoes. When choosing items, in addition to basic styles, those designs that can make you feel better and are full of fun are also worth considering. A creative and novel top can make you stand out in the crowd, and a metallic jacket can easily brighten up ordinary daily life.


◆ Fabric Recommendations

1 - 1.jpg

1 - Champagne White

1 - 0.png

Art No: 2305FL923 

Comp:70%N 30%LUREX

Spec: 140G 150CM

1 - 1.jpg

Champagne white with fine shimmer and gloss, visible to the naked eye.
You can get the exquisiteness with natural light or lighting.

The drape is natural and stylish.

The final product can be done with no visible lines.

Experience of quality, full of shiny luxury and high-end feeling.

1- 2.jpg
1 -3.jpg

2 -  Platinum

2 -0.png
2 - 1.jpg

Art No: 2305FL915 

Comp:98%P 2%SP

Spec: 150G 150CM

2 - 1.jpg

Starry sky diamond coating, radiant and brilliant,

the lustrous pearlescent light shows luxury and high-end elegance.

The flowing liquid texture is like the gentle surging sea surface in the evening.

The display of fashion and individuality, slightly high-luxury quality, 

and interpretation of modern light luxury.

2 - 2.jpg
2 -3.jpg

3 -  Bronze gold

3 - 0.png
3 -1.jpg

Art No: 2305FL932 

Comp:93%R 7%SP

Spec: 285G 130CM

3 -1.jpg

Bronze gold is made of bronze gold fabric with its own ribbed texture.

The more you look at it, the more style it has, the more flavor it has.

Gold like a golden foil, pure and high-end.

3 -2.jpg
3 - 3.jpg
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