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Leaf Crepe Fabric Series

Wuman Textile




The hot word for spring/summer is "relaxation". In today's anxious environment, an occasional vacation or a time to let go is necessary. Listen to your own voice, don't fight or grab, keep your heart strong, this is the relaxation that most people pursue. Printing styles switch back and forth between everyday casual or resort style series.


◆ Fabric Recommendations

640 (1).jpg

1 - Blind Coal

640 (1).png

Art No: HM-SJ1127-P

Comp: 100%P

Spec:200GSM x 145CM

640 (1).jpg

Soft to the touch, elegant and comfortable to wear;

Good stretch and breathability, the cloth surface adopts the branch 

and leaf printing process.

Suitable for dresses, pants, vests and other categories.

640 (2).jpg
640 (3).jpg

2 -  Bright White

640 (2).png
640 (4).jpg

Art No: HM-SJ1127-P

Comp: 100%P

Spec:200GSM x 145CM

640 (4).jpg

Knitted fabric with a straight stripe crinkle on the fabric surface.

Leaves and branches printed on the surface of the fabric.

Innovative fabrics with a high degree of formability.

For casual or resort style collections.

Suitable for dresses, pants, undershirts and other categories.

640 (5).jpg
640 (6).jpg

3 - Moonless Night

640 (3).png
640 (7).jpg

Art No: 2205FL768-1

Comp: 100%P

Spec:140GSM x 150CM

640 (7).jpg

Full-printed pressed pleat design with delicate texture,

Novelty without exaggeration is the favorite of designers.

The fabric has good drape and the fabric design is malleable.

Suitable for vests, dresses, tops and other categories.

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640 (9).jpg
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