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Warp Knitted Hole Jacquard Fabric Series

Wuman Textile


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More and more consumers are looking to break free from the growing stresses of everyday life and are focusing on spending time outdoors. Warp-knit textureswith holes are used in outdoor design spaces that focus on the therapeutic range, creating a cosy, comfortable and relaxing holiday style.


◆ Fabric Recommendations


1 - Jet Stream White

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Art No: 2005LC269


Spec: 200GSM×150CM


Moisture-absorbent and breathable.

Mesh zigzag texture, made with a warp

 knitting process and a see-through effect.

Suitable for dresses, vests, suspenders

 and other categories.

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2 -  Camel Pink

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Art No: 2108LC554

Comp:98%T 2%SP

Spec: 180GSM×150CM

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Medium-thick fabric that drapes softly 

in a classic striped weave, Heavy industry 

weaving style, full of three-dimensional 

texture.Suitable for dresses, vests,

 tops and other categories.

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3 - Khaki

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Art No: 2205LC758

Comp:40%C 60%P

pec: 180GSM×150CM

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Light and tough, with a see-through effect, fashionable and trendy.
Especially suitable for fashion design and production, with relatively stable shaping ability.
Suitable for vests, dresses, bustiers and other categories.

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4 - Coconut Milk White

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Art No: 2304SW913


pec: 275GSM×160CM

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Cut-out woven pieces for a variety of coordinating looks,

whether it's for a party, a holiday or a commute,

while keeping the look sharp and simple.

It creates a rustic, handmade look.

Ideal for bustiers, vests, tops and more.

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5 - Mustard Beads White

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Art No: 2304SW915

Comp:99%C 1%SP

pec: 230GSM×175CM

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Hollow mesh is the core element of summer and vacation styling.

Comes with a strong fashion gene and in the hands of different designers it can play different tricks, which can be charming and sexy, dynamic and energetic, but also fresh and natural.
It can give more possibilities to many single products and high street styles.
Suitable for tops, vests, dresses and other categories.

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6- Wine Red

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Art No: 2305JC2042

Comp:68%P  29%C 3%SP

Spec: 200GSM×145CM

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Cotton ammonia material, overall casual and lazy!
Soft and muscular, comfortable and wear-resistant.
Suitable for tops, vests, skirts and other categories.

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