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A response to the quest for contentment and inner peace. Turbulent times are subsiding. Lightweight femininity explores natural and comfortable ways for individuals and groups to find balance and well-being. Self-examination and self-satisfaction come from the same source. The market's desire for value and solace inspires a richness that conveys the romance of lifestyle.


◆ Fabric Recommendations


1 - Khaki

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Art No: 2101RB423L

Comp:95%T 5%SP

pec: 280-300GSM×155CM


Thick and thin striped texture.The fabric feels 

comfortable, elastic and has a good drape.

It can be used for printing process, and can

 be used as a soft fabric to visually modify

 the figure.Suitable for shirts, dresses, 

vests and other categories.

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2 - Bamboo Green

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Art No: 2210RB850

Comp:55%R 45%N

pec: 225GSM×155CM

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Ribbed stripes on the cloth surface, this fabric 

has clear a texture.It feels soft and comfortable,

light and breathable, and has a good drape.Suitable

 for shirts, dresses, vests and other categories.

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3 - French Vanilla

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Art No: 2212RB871

Comp:96%P 4%SP

pec: 210GSM×160CM

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Polyester and spandex nano-rib fabric, with its 

novel fabric style. It has a ribbed surface texture.

With this fabric, the outfit appears more 

luxurious.Suitable for dresses, shirts, 

vests and other categories.

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4 -  Brown Sugar

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Art No: HM-SW17854

Comp:82%T 10%R 8%SP

pec: 190-200GSM×149CM

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The fabric is light and breathable,soft and 

skin-friendly and easy to take care of, with

 striped texture onthe surface.Can be squeezed 

without deformation, elastic stretch,light and not 

wrinkle.Suitable for dresses,undershirts,small

 shirts and other categories.

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