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The ribbed knitted fabric appears in a light and comfortable form, and can create a simple and slim fit, which is very popular among young female consumers. The special texture rib weave does not require too many changes to create different tailoring styles, which can be easily dealt with whether it is casual fashion or party.


◆ Fabric Recommendations


Silk floss rib

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Art No.:2204RB766

Comp: 95%P 5%SP

Spec:200-220GSM x 155CM


Irregular stripe combination characterize this fine textured, soft fabric. Warm and comfortable natural commuter-style fabric, it is also a good choice for layering tops or skirts.

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TR Rib

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Art No.:2112RB682

Comp:75%POLY 20%R 5%SP

Spec:360GSM x 155CM

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The texture of this fabric is delicate and soft to the touch. It has good air permeability, is skin-friendly and comfortable, and the weaving surface is elastic. It is recommended for home wear, dresses, tops, and pants.

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Polyester spandex rib

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Art No.:2206RB777

Comp: 85%P 10%LUREX 5%SP

Spec:260GSM x 135CM

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The conventional striped texture uses gold and silver bright silk to increase the gorgeousness of the fabric. The fabric is light and unique in style. It is suitable for dresses, tops, suits and other categories.

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Ammonia Polyester Spandex Rib

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Art No.:2210RB843

Comp: 96%P 4%SP

Spec:250-260GSM x 155CM

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The fabric is delicate and smooth, with good extensibility. The special rib also increases the fashion sense of the fabric. The addition of spandex makes the style more malleable, suitable for daily commuting, and casual and versatile.

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